Anti ageing Therapies

What causes the skin to age?

There are several factors responsible for ageing skin. Genetics account for 20%-30% and the rest is environmental factors like sun, smoking, stress, diet, and other lifestyle factors.

How to prevent skin ageing?

Use sun protection every day, all year-round and re-applying every two hours if you are outdoors. Start applying moisturizers and serums containing retinoids and antioxidants. These are excellent products for anti ageing. 

Chemical peels and skin polishing are both excellent options for skin rejuvenation but require multiple sessions.There are also many other procedures that can help reverse the aging process.

Anti ageing treatments:

These include combination of Botox, soft tissue fillers, thread lifts and lasers. We perform both Radiofrequency tightening and Liquid facelifts to lift up sagging skin over face, neck, tummy, thighs and arms.