Dark Circles

Dark circles are a common problem giving a person a tired look. A difficult to treat condition, it can be a source of frustration for both the patient and the treating physician.

What causes under eyes dark circles?

Dark circles can be caused by a number of reasons including heredity, allergies, poor sleep, smoking, alcohol, dehydration, nutritional deficiencies and also ageing of face. Certain medical conditions can also cause darkening around the eyes.

The changes around the eyes are:

-increase in melanin in skin around the eyes

-loss of volume under the eyes causing shadowing effect

-skin thinning under the eyes

-excess vessels around eyes.

What can be done?

Before undergoing dark circles treatment, it is important to look in the cause of  it. Treatment varies accordingly. A combination of treatments is sometimes appropriate.

Which treatment works?

The common treatments which are often combined include:

-Under eyes creams: Bleaching creams help reduce the dark circles caused by increase in melanin content.
-Chemical peels: These work by increasing collagen production, lightening the skin, and improving skin quality.
-Dermal fillers: Work by filling up depressions under the eye and removing the shadowing effect.
-Light therapy: Works on the blood vessels and also promote collagen production
-Dermaroller: induces collagen production as well as helps in delivering serums into the skin.