Skincare and haircare while you sleep!

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Skincare Tips

Skincare tips for winters by Dr. Poonam! These will help you tide over the cold with ease!
skincare dermatologist naveyah dr. poonam bhasne



Haircare Tips

Exposure to sunlight injures the hair keratin leading to increased split ends and makes hair more wiry, coarse and frizzy. UV rays damage the cuticle the hair shaft that protects its inner layers. Sun also causes hair to dry out and lose strength and becoming easily breakable. So what can you do? Dr. Poonam shares these haircare tips!haircare from sun at naveyah




Skincare Tips

Do you sleep in your makeup? 
Going to bed with makeup is a major Skin Sin!
You could be putting yourself at risk for acne and premature ageing resulting in dry skin, damaged pores and fine lines.
Removing makeup helps remove the accumulated environmental pollutants. So wash your face as soon as you get home for the evening. Store makeup remover wipes in your nightstand in case you forget. skincare at naveyah


 Antiageing Tips