Spider Veins

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What are spider veins?

Thin red, purple or blue lines of blood vessels, usually seen on legs and feet, occurring more commonly in women. These are usually harmless but may cause little burning or aching if you have been standing for a long time. Most people want these removed for the cosmetic reasons.

What are the causes?

Spider veins may arise due to many reasons like heredity, hormones, occupations which involve lot of standing, clots in legs, constipation, obesity and injury.

How can these be removed?

The effective treatment options are:

-Sclerotherapy: Solutions are injected into the veins which causes these vessels to scar and then disappear over few weeks. Sometimes re-injection is also required.

-Laser: It is less effective than sclerotherapy &  requires more sessions but no needles or injections are used.

New vessels can appear in the same area if the cause is not treated simultaneously.